Useful, in a fake 3-d sort of way

If you’re the sort to buy something online, and buy it before you’ve seen it in person. A useful tool for comparing relative sizes of objects. (via gHacks)

Towel Elephant

You know you want one. Now learn how to make your own, in 15 easy steps! (The last step — “Display proudly — Enjoy your elephant!” — being, of course, the best.) (WikiHow: “How to Fold a Towel Elephant”)

Ever wonder find yourself wondering, what’s the best glue to attach leather to styrofoam?

Me neither, but thanks to This to That, now I know the answer. (Answer: Hot glue.) And you can find lots more practical joinings, too. (via LifeHacker)

Semi-handy PDFs

Because, I don’t know, you needed a refresher on lock-picking, or you’ve been looking for the Cheshire Catalyst (“What?” “Exactly.”), or it’s too much effort to find your cell-phone manual on the manufacturer’s web-site?  Maybe has what you’re looking for, and maybe it doesn’t.  Deal.


Online!  Flow-charts!  Boxes!  Arrows!  Lines! Make diagrams online with Giffy, then share ’em online or whatever.  Floor plans, generic diagrams, flow-charts, whatever you want, Giffy can help you make it. Handy, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Because, truly, what do you need more than additional ways to tie your shoes (and other stringy things)? (via BoingBoing)

It’s like Babelfish… for animals!

Or maybe it’s just a table of animal noises in different languages… But just think, what if it weren’t…? (link [though not the graphic] via, probably, some other blog I’ve forgotten all about; just imagine the actual citation is right here)

Do you know how to file a FOIA request?

No, I didn’t think so. Neither do I. The First Amendment Center has answers, with information on most anything you could want to know about the Freedom of Information Act. (via MeFi)

Around the world in 80 languages

Watching America collects (and, by the looks of things, translates) articles from publications based in different countries around the world, the focus of these articles being America. Seems similar to World Press Review, if somewhat less professional.

Various online resources

MCZ Type Database! Well, no, of course you aren’t supposed to know what it means. The MCZ is for Museum of Comparative Zoology (at Harvard), and the database is of insects. This might not warrant mention, if not for the fact that a fair portion of the entries have accompanying photographs. Be sure to check […]