If plane tickets were a few hundred (or so) dollars cheaper, this would be completely worth the time and discomfort

Whoniversal Appeal: An Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference on Doctor Who, and its Spin-Offs 14-15 November, 2008 (via, of all places, Crooked Timber)

Stealing Ethics

Of philosophy books at academic libraries, ethics books are more likely to be stolen than non-ethics books. Or, borrowed pending their comprehension? The Splintered Mind provides a slightly more comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon than you’d expect to find, probably. (originally by way of Bookslut; Splintered Mind: “Still More Data on the Theft of Ethics […]

Number what?

Washington Monthly digs into the omnipresent US News & World Report College Rankings, turning them inside-out and upside-down and everything. WM re-orders the list based on things like national service, research grants & student aid, and so forth. Unsurprisingly, US News & WR’s list is flip-flopped a bit, with some top-ranked schools sinking to the […]