I’ll have the veal birds with pine nuts

Airline menus through history (plus a steamship menu or two), at the Northwestern University Library Transportation Archives. (via ResearchBuzz)

It’s coming back

(via The Guardian: “Back to the present for DeLorean,” by John Sterlicchi [30 Aug 2007])

But maybe you knew that already

You want ice?  You need black cherries. (via LifeHacker) Loneliness is bad for your health. Bikes “aren’t transportation.”

Go train, go!

“Draw a 100-mile circle around almost any major world city — Rome, Paris, Tokyo — and there’s an extensive commuter rail network linking vibrant communities. We have antiquated commuter rail networks around Boston and New York. We’ve starved the infrastructure.” … Yet New England, a century ago, had a robust rail network, covering a huge […]