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Bon Voyage

(2003) dir Jean-Paul Rappeneau – w/ Isabelle Adjani, Virginie Ledoyen, Gerard Depardieu, Yvan Attal, Peter Coyote, and Gregori Derangere as the hapless writer.  Starring some jugs of water as Heavy Water. Synopsis: A scientist and his assistants, an actress, a writer framed for murder and his fellow escapee, a minister… and of course a Nazi […]

A natural progression

As we become too lazy to do our own work, we send technologically augmented turtles and seals to be our detectives and scientists. (via BoingBoing and NewScientist)

Truth in superheroes

How long would Bruce Wayne have to train to become Batman? In some of the timelines you see in the comics, the backstory is he goes away for five years—some it’s three to five years, or eight years, or 12 years. In terms of the physical changes (strength and conditioning), that’s happening fairly quickly. We’re talking […]

This is why you should not eat too much candy

Your stomach will explode in fiery brilliance.     And yes, red gummy bears being excellent is scientific fact. (via MAKE Blog)

Scientists tell us what we already know

Sort of. The (terribly informal) verdict: Believable: Iron Man, Batman Unbelievable: The Incredible Hulk Quote: Now, many people are aware that the most incredible thing about the Hulk is the way his pants always stay on when he expands to ten times his original volume. But did you also know: The good superhero stories require […]