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Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy: Shadow Epidemic?

Introduction Many people recognize the term “mad cow disease,” yet few can explain what danger this brain disease of cattle has to humans and fewer still understand the politics at work behind this epidemic. Mad cow disease-bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE-has been tentatively associated with a fatal brain disease in humans, yet there are many […]

Die Fotografie: Auffassung, Kunst, Fakten Die kleine Figur meines Vaters von Peter Henisch

An essay on the significance of photography in Peter Henisch’s Die kleine Figur meines Vaters.

Disassembling Oppositional Culture: cooperation & monkeywrenching the system

A (half-hearted) attempt to identify cultures by their oppositional or cooperational elements; and an attempt to step away from the oppositional elements.

If on a winter’s night a traveler by Italo Calvino (an Analysis)

Does over-analyzing literature destroy our enjoyment of it? An analysis.

Kinetics Study of Friedel-Crafts Reactions Using NMR Techniques (PDF)

Kinetics Study of Friedel-Crafts Reactions Using NMR Techniques (PDF)

Lewiston High School Science Fair

Lewiston High School Science Fair Procedurals (PDF) Lewiston High School Science Fair Organizing Report, 2001 (PDF) Lewiston High School Science Fair Organizing Report, 2002 (PDF)

Migratory Birds and the Legislative Landscape of the United States

The goal of this paper is to act as a review of wetland science and legislation in answering the question of how adequately the needs of migratory birds are met by current legal measures. First I will present a very brief history of wetland-related legislation in the U.S. in order to provide a background for […]

Naturbuhne am Atlantik (a translation)

This is basically a rough-and-tumble translation of the Stern article, “Naturbühne am Atlantik,” originally found here. Fine beaches, steep ravines, clear seas and luxuriant forests besides: Nature has it all figured out in Maine. The U.S. state in the northeast lures both the active traveler and the retiring tourist. For two weeks the “Friendship V” […]

Shadows – Identification – Gaia : Identifying Shadows with Gaia?

INTRODUCTION In their article, “The West’s Shadow Ecologies,” MacNeill, Winsemius, and Yakushiji present the idea that any community’s impact on the environment is determined by its population, consumption, and rate of material flow (per unit of economic activity), which often extends in a shadow ecology into many other communities and locations. This allows communities and […]

Survival Cards

These survival cards are more of a teaching aid than they are a game, though presumably you could hack a game out of them. The deck consists of 16 cards, each of them some sort of equipment (e.g., hatchet) or resource (e.g., cave). There are numerous ways in which they can be used (the cards, […]