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Perilous indeed

A book’s journey from one language into another can be perilous. The Russian title for J. D. Salinger’s classic tale of adolescence translates as “Above the Precipice in the Rye.” A clerk in a Yokohama bookshop once told John Steinbeck’s wife that yes, he had a copy of Steinbeck’s “Angry Raisins.” Has this bumpy road gotten […]

Naturbuhne am Atlantik (a translation)

This is basically a rough-and-tumble translation of the Stern article, “Naturbühne am Atlantik,” originally found here. Fine beaches, steep ravines, clear seas and luxuriant forests besides: Nature has it all figured out in Maine. The U.S. state in the northeast lures both the active traveler and the retiring tourist. For two weeks the “Friendship V” […]