2 Random Reading Lists


You can find some people’s idea of the best reads of 2004 and 1/2 here, tucked away on an obscure mailing list of some sort. It’s an interesting list, though it would be nice if it had at least some kind of indication what the books are about, or how many people (from the mailing list) suggested each one. Because, for instance, the book Word Freak: Heartbreak, Triumph, Genius and Obsession in the World of Competitive Scrabble Players might have been suggested by one lone reader, or it might have been well-received, with 317 people suggesting it on account of its sheer goodness. Which would be quite helpful. But it’s a list, anyway.

(via LII)


At How To Save the World, you get a list (annotated, this time) of 56 potentially life-changing books and articles, what b&a the blog author says changed his worldview. It’s a good list.