A different glance going westdown

Tell you like this.  Play a card.  Write you home on the car.  Coin for your hearts.  I was once you.  At a different dinner.  Where you went.  I remember Yui.  We played horses.  You will die.

You’ll double-likely walk.  Think I’m crazy.  Nobody.  But stop.  Bang.  Listen a minute.  For a dollar.  Twenty.  I have things.  You should hear them.  Or self.  You regret.  Not you.  You!

Imagine me.  I can’t.  It’s like dreams.  Here is money.  Take it.

Righteous and wary.  But I saw your eyelids.  Not now.  Another time.  After the past.  I don’t know you’ll take it.  I can save you.  Make you live.  Not trapped.  Dollars, minutes.  I was shade.

I found papers.  The headlines nice.  Coffee.  Went to barbers.  Soup.  All the time.  In a warren.  I’m trapped.  Not you.  Think I’m funny.  Like I’m wrong.  In a fact-check.  But wait.  Monday, June eight.  You will die.  Think I’m wrong.  Like I’m funny.  I found coffee.  Played a fuck.  Sat around.  A witch.  A witch a witch.

I think there were cymbals.  Doesn’t sit.  I was you!  Not you.  Not you.  You!  Walking.  Stumbling.  The word.  Off.  Saw a cat.  Not a cat.  You.  But different.  Had eyes.  She asked for a scarf.  I hated the cymbals.  A bad mind.  Like a whelk.  Not a whelk!  The sound.  Like juice. Different.  I liked soup.  Some people didn’t have enough.  The cat asked.  A funny joke!

You will be poisoned on June.  Not me!  I can change.  Not me.  Not a joke.  How I believe.  No.  How I.  A scarf for my brain.  Twisted like stumbling.  No Samaritan.  Wild horses and thunder.  PG-13 or R.  A waiting room to past.  Retribution.  The cat had fangs.  No.  A witch.  Thunder I laughed.

Here is money.  I believe you.  Not you!  Take my hours.

A Trotsky.  I perish the farm. Not me.  You!  Listen when you can.  Not me!  I know not now.  Now is past.  Stefan Laird.  See how I know almanac.  Born August four.  Died June eight.  Not!  Might.  You!  Met with Yui.  Rode horses.  Studied space.  Space between.

Graduated May twelve.  Now I hate coffee.  Now I hate soup.  But in a fact-check.  The difference is none.

I drank and ate.  Like a dog’s niece.  In a house.

Where it stops.  When you ask.  I know Brussels!  I know Rosso.  Cat was funny.  Like a game.  You will go.  Miss the game!  We tied bundles.  Had so many.  You know Sylvie.  July plus one.  August one four.  Ricin.  Not Sylvie!  Not me.  Gone like osprey.  Through the fold.  Now I wish free.  Make a hard dream.  The place to be.  Rewind replace.  Eager template.  You would die.  If I laughed.  When a witch.

You look nice.  Be wary strangers.  Fainting pilgrim.  On a ship.

Tell you this way.  Imagine egg-cups.  A burning restaurant.  Stop.  Replace.  A funny thing with leaves.  Races to the table-top.  I would eyes.  Buried over.  Milk and bolts.  I lied bolts.  Coming often.  Never present.  Bolts I miss.  Not like tubes.  Split a pair.  Lock it in.  I was your house.  In the morning.

They will kill you.  When I fail.  Like a scarecow.  In a marsh.