all of this is related

The only reason to act is to change the paradigm within which you think, therefore enabling you to change the minds of other people. Don?t recycle to save trees–recycle because it makes sense. Don?t buy organic because you want to be healthy or because you want to support organic farmers–buy organic because it makes sense. Don?t carpool because it saves gasoline–carpool because it makes sense. Do not act to bring about a certain concrete action–act because in acting you can change minds. Don?t oppose war because you?re against violence, because you?re a pacifist–oppose war because peace makes sense. Or better yet, don?t oppose war, demand peace. Act to change minds.

but most importantly, act to change minds and not things;
[do this] because you don?t matter.

How far would you go? To save people four, five generations from now? If you could live your life with the knowledge that your luxuries would damn (doom) your distant kin of the future, would you? Oh, sorry, you already do.

You?re living off a loan based on guarantee of future payments.

Sometimes thinking outside the box still means that your thoughts are framed by the boundaries of the box.