Augment all you can augment in the army

There are some articles whose headlines and captions appear written by mentally deranged waterfowl, and then there are articles whose headlines virtually write themselves (though not without human intervention, of course); the following, I think, is one of the latter.

Rough Translation:
Headline: “US Army pays for breast augmentation”
Article teaser: “No money for plastic surgery, but unhappy with your breasts, nose, or stomach anyway? No problem, simply join the US army! According to a report of the magazine the New Yorker, US soldiers can avail themselves of the arts of the [army] surgeons.”

Photo caption (on page of article, not shown): Bosom: testing grounds for troop doctors)

(Spiegel: “US-Armee spendiert Busen-Vergrößerungen” [July 22, 2004])