Best of Lethal Nonlethal Weapon Brainstorming

Do you like inventing nonlethal weapons, but find yourself falling short on ideas? Look here, where you can find all SORTS of ideas for nonlethal weapons, thanks to the folks at the USAF Institute for National Security Studies. The one problem being that the authors seem to be a little unclear on the concept of NONLETHAL:

“Hologram, Death. Hologram used to scare a target individual to death. Example, a drug lord with a weak heart sees the ghost of his dead rival appearing at his bedside and dies of fright [149:4].”

The last time I checked, death was pretty lethal. But, you know.

Also, half the things in this list of nonlethal weapon ideas seem like stuff that could’ve been dreamed up by seventh graders (which is to say quirkily brilliant but highly impractical and pretty far-fetched in general)—hardly the province of crazy-smart scientists with Ph.Ds and what-have-you. Anyway, it’s kind of an interesting list.

(via MeFi)