boat metaphor, pt. 1

Imagine culture as a sinking boat. It’s sinking, but most people don’t realize it. they claim the turbulence is just normal, from the waves slamming into the sides of the boat. or maybe they’ll nod at mention of the fact that, yes, the waters are, as of right now, relatively choppy. they’ll say: of course they are, what do you expect, but, good heavens, the boat certainly isn’t sinking.

For just a second, though, assume it is. Imagine that it is sinking.

The Question at hand is: can you re-build the boat on the water, without it sinking completely? Can you rip up boards (pretend it’s a wooden boat) and reposition them to fix the boat? will other people let you do it, or will they stop you from ripping up boards, call you crazy, and say you’re going to make us sink? And if they do stop you, what do you say?

Dyou try to convince them that the boat is, in fact, sinking? Do you try to at least get them to concede the possibility of sinking? like it could, maybe, under certain circumstances, be possible?

or do you tell them, hey, nothing going on here, I just need to rip up a few boards, fix a little leak (divert their attention) nothing much, no, nothing happening here

or do you tell them nothing and just rip up the boards yourself

jump overboard, maybe?