Bring back the dead!

glyptodon200After reading an article on 10 extinct beasts that might conceivably be reintroduced as living, breathing animals on planet earth, is it wrong that the thing I most fiercely crave is to watch a sci-fi movie where the phrase “it might be possible to boot up the moa genome in an ostrich egg” is used?

NewScientist examines 10 extinct species, and looks at the conveniences and difficulties of bringing back each one.

(For the impatient, the beasts are: sabre-toothed tiger, neanderthal, short-faced bear, tasmanian tiger, glyptodon, woolly rhinoceros, dodo, giant ground sloth, moa, Irish elk, giant beaver, and gorilla — which isn’t extinct, yet.)

(NewScientist, via Monochrom)