An understandable mistake

A reply to a question in Notes & Queries yesterday recommended purchasing lion and tiger urine from Chester Zoo to stop neighbourhood cats from urinating in a vegetable patch (G2, page 17). Chester Zoo would like to forestall requests for its big cats’ urine: it asks us to make clear that it does not in […]

Aliens, astronomers, or super-intelligent aardvarks?

You decide. Whatever the case, it’s kind of amazing. (via Ectoplasmosis)

Wait, what?

(via Ectoplasmosis)

For the record

We accidentally referred to a “stellar sea lion” (29 November, p 6). The featured mammal is a Steller’s sea lion. All in good time, all in good time. (via Regret The Error)

On elusiveness, and the possibilities of cryptids

DNR spokesman Hoy Murphy says Casell has a permit for the tiger. And Murphy notes this isn’t the first time Casell’s dealt with an escape: a 400-pound Asian brown bear got loose in May 2006 and hasn’t been seen since. (Herald Dispatch [1 Dec 2008], via Cryptomundo)

Scientific understatement of 2008

Quote: “One might be able to envision potential applications ranging from medical interventions to use in video gaming or the creation of artificial memories along the lines of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in ‘Total Recall.’ Imagine taking a vacation without actually going anywhere? “Obviously, we need to conduct further research and development…” (via io9, via EurekAlert: […]

Robots of the future, break out of your cells

Say what you will of Lockheed-Martin’s take on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles-as-documentary; this proof-of-concept (if that’s the right phrasing) test video is eerily captivating. (References:,,


Criggo is my new favorite frivolous blog indulgence.

A natural progression

As we become too lazy to do our own work, we send technologically augmented turtles and seals to be our detectives and scientists. (via BoingBoing and NewScientist)

Not the best track record

Which is, really, fortunate. “10 other dates when the world failed to end.” One of my favorites: Sept 11-13 1988 – Former Nasa engineer Edgar Whisenant sold 4.5 million copies of his book 88 Reasons Why the Rapture Could Be in 1988, mostly to evangelical US Christians. Follow-up works, which revised the prediction for dates […]