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Drink blood, control humans v. take brain, repair ship

Had marked this bit in the Guardian a while ago as a “read it later” article: Every Doctor Who villain since 1963 (part of the generally excellent DataBlog, which covers all manner of data and visualization [often UK-focused, but still broadly interesting] — and which frequently makes the data used for infographics publicly available through […]

Happy Holidays

…click through to Twenty Sided for a larger image and (ever-so-brief) background story. (As a side-note to this quick post: this is one of the many surprising, humorous, interesting things that Google Reader is kicking my way via the whole “Recommended items” feature, which is starting to churn up more and more things [and things […]

I can see your brain

Of course, movies have known for years that this was possible–it’s just taken reality a while to catch up.  Yes, science can see images in your brain, although for now it’s seemingly mostly proof-of-concept, and fairly limited.  (No full color perfect simulacra of your dreams, yet.) “Researchers from Japan’s ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories have developed […]

Dinosaurs and Star Trek

Shiny. (via BeaucoupKevin)

Scientific understatement of 2008

Quote: “One might be able to envision potential applications ranging from medical interventions to use in video gaming or the creation of artificial memories along the lines of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in ‘Total Recall.’ Imagine taking a vacation without actually going anywhere? “Obviously, we need to conduct further research and development…” (via io9, via EurekAlert: […]

Time come. Time gone. Things changed.

You will have going to was been guilty. Nowhere to go, nothing to see. But to read! Give them a call. Imagine the future. Better. Maybe not destroyed. Maybe more friendly. What were you expecting? Make what you expect. Be surprised by what you make. Warm your mind. Toast the thought.