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The Connected States of America

A spectacular interactive infographic put together by folks at MIT that shows the connections bridged by cellphones (and others not bridged). (via Andrew Sullivan)



Drink blood, control humans v. take brain, repair ship

Had marked this bit in the Guardian a while ago as a “read it later” article: Every Doctor Who villain since 1963 (part of the generally excellent DataBlog, which covers all manner of data and visualization [often UK-focused, but still broadly interesting] — and which frequently makes the data used for infographics publicly available through […]

Ways of consuming music

Of course you know that artists don’t get money when you find their music through less-than-aboveboard avenues; but do you know the difference between buying in-store and, say, through iTunes?  Or what the cut is when you stream something over Rhapsody, or download from cdBaby?  Dig into this delicious infographic and find out (and read […]

150% Awesome

If I had a wall large enough for this (and didn’t have the wall covered with dry-erase board), this graphical representation of the internet-as-subway would certainly be an excellent contender for posting. Which is a too wordy way of saying, this is awesome. You can theoretically put in to order one when they’re printed, but […]