OccupyWriters.com, an excerpt by Lemony Snicket




Violence down, claims Pinker the thinker



The “thinking man’s Malcolm Gladwell” is actually pretty unfair to Gladwell who is an essayist rather than someone with pretensions to being a major acad…

Text Editors in The Lord of the Rings

A thought-sparking exhibition which I revisited more than I ought to have when reconsidering my text editor of choice: Prompted by a passing thought about TextMate, I thought I’d make a comprehensive, accurate, unbiased, and irrefutable survey of text editors by way of comparison to locations in The Lord of the Rings. (via Crooked Timber) […]

Posters of Fortune

Fortune-cookies-as-typographic-art. Rad.



A Beautified Apached Index – h5ai

Like this idea. Not sure I have an application for it (yet), but I approve of the concept.

What Typos Mean to Book Publishing – NYTimes.com

Better and faster (though not exactly). An interesting take on the resurgence of typos as publishers struggle to stay relevant and create product.

I was disgruntled at seeing a typo on the first page (I’m not kidding) of William Vollman’s Impe…

ICSI Netalyzr

A really helpful little tool to look at network issues. Haven’t had a chance to actually make use of it in troubleshooting, but looks like it’d be super useful.




How Christian Gerhartsreiter Became Clark Rockefeller – WSJ.com

Excerpted / adapted from The Man in the Rockefeller Suit A fascinating read.


But the newcomer had sucked them in by acting as if he were better than they were. “He’s…

Call for Contributions to an Essay Collection: Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye

This could end up being painfully dull, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt…


The editor is currently seeking proposals for an essay collection inve…

The Connected States of America

A spectacular interactive infographic put together by folks at MIT that shows the connections bridged by cellphones (and others not bridged). (via Andrew Sullivan)