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The Connected States of America

A spectacular interactive infographic put together by folks at MIT that shows the connections bridged by cellphones (and others not bridged). (via Andrew Sullivan)



Return of the Rundown

Timewaster: Typewar. ¬†Think you know fonts? Try this game, which you’ll either find completely boring or riveting. Best aggregated reference word site: Wordnik. My favorite reference site right now. All about words. Maps of Disaster: Informative, curious, unnerving. View map (or maps) of the world, with icons of disaster superimposed. For added effect, project image […]

150% Awesome

If I had a wall large enough for this (and didn’t have the wall covered with dry-erase board), this graphical representation of the internet-as-subway would certainly be an excellent contender for posting. Which is a too wordy way of saying, this is awesome. You can theoretically put in to order one when they’re printed, but […]