Return of the Rundown

  • Timewaster: Typewar.  Think you know fonts? Try this game, which you’ll either find completely boring or riveting.
  • Best aggregated reference word site: Wordnik. My favorite reference site right now. All about words.
  • Maps of Disaster: Informative, curious, unnerving. View map (or maps) of the world, with icons of disaster superimposed. For added effect, project image onto your office wall. You’ve got things under control. (This is: a service of the Hungarian Emergency and Disaster Information Service)
  • Best specialty science-writing blog: Tetrapod Zoology. Fascinating, curious, informative, and detailed without alienating those not totally familiar with the science at hand. Aside: I want this book.
  • Best easily digestible good news story: “Feeling grumpy is ‘good for you'” (via BoingBoing). Bonus: “File photo” used for BBC article appears to have been taken from One Foot in the Grave.
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