Memory Dump

In addition to (occasionally) being a kind of resource for other people, this place has always — and has primarily — been a personal memory dump for me: a place for links, ideas, writings, images, and so on that I want to reference later. While I’ve always been a heavy user of many web services, I […]

Return of the Rundown

Timewaster: Typewar.  Think you know fonts? Try this game, which you’ll either find completely boring or riveting. Best aggregated reference word site: Wordnik. My favorite reference site right now. All about words. Maps of Disaster: Informative, curious, unnerving. View map (or maps) of the world, with icons of disaster superimposed. For added effect, project image […]

Sweet, sweet fame & fortune

So this is what it feels like to be a famous photographer. (To be honest, it feels a little silly.) (Also, I’m wantonly misinterpreting “famous”, and possibly also “photographer.”  And maybe “feels like.”)


As promised, here are more puppy pictures of Giovanni. Click on the thumbnail pictures to open up the big photos in (of all places) the photo gallery. If you wanna see. Gio trotting through grass: Reflecting/pondering/watching a bug: Sleeping: Pulling on a shoelace (mine):

The Update That Was In Order

My deepest and most heartfelt apologies to the 3 or 4 inveterate readers out there (I’m assuming they are out there; apologies to the rest of you if they’re not) who were deeply troubled by the multiple-day lapse in postings. Here’s the explanation: His name’s Giovanni. Capisce? More puppy pictures will doubtless follow.