Ways of consuming music

Of course you know that artists don’t get money when you find their music through less-than-aboveboard avenues; but do you know the difference between buying in-store and, say, through iTunes?  Or what the cut is when you stream something over Rhapsody, or download from cdBaby?  Dig into this delicious infographic and find out (and read […]

You thought you heard it all, but then you listened again

Mash-ups can be hit-or-miss, never mind whether you like either (or both [or multiple]) artists.  But I’m really liking Ziggy Stardust Remixed.  (Particularly the Bowie/MGMT track — it didn’t hit me the first time, but after three or four times, it slunk into my brain and stayed there.)

And then this happened

I’ve seen better film editing… But I can’t say I’ve actually seen birds whistling the imperial march from Star Wars (or for that matter, any movie themes).  I mean, now I can, sort of. (Although after a quick search, I am more impressed by birds performing the 1812 Overture and the Andy Griffith Show theme.) […]

Life on Mars, rendered by Ukulele

(via Crooked Timber)

Flying Club Cup

BEIRUT – Nantes – from The Flying Club Cupby flyingclubcup

Happy Holidays

(by way of Seed Magazine via Bookslut)

We animals have a good time, too!

Casper The Friendly Ghost – The Animal Square Dance (via WFMU’s Beware of the Blog, where there are plenty more songs to listen to)

Another kind of claymation

A music video by Jan Svankmajer, the fellow who brought us people-eating tree stumps and animated skeletons with Santa hats. What’s not to love? (via MeFi)

It should come as no surprise…

…to find a wealth of live music recordings on the Internet Archive. Nonetheless, I’m surprised. Can you see it? The surprise? (I discover this through the back door, finding a concert of A Silver Mt. Zion via some web page–I’ve long since forgotten which–and then discovering, also, some Handsome Family stuff as well. At time […]

More mashup goodness

The Kleptones bring you a discless two-disc mash-up extravaganza, downloadable in various formats and combinations from their web site. (via BoingBoing from ages ago)