Although what else are you going to find here, honestly?

  • For the movie lover & designer, a hangman-esque game identifying objects from famous movies based on a simplified illustration: Famous Objects from Classic Movies. Oh yeah, the url is hard to remember, too. (Hint: it’s not.) (via Coudal Blended Feed).
  • Wolverine-as-Velociraptor/Deinonychus, Thor as Anklyosaurus, etc. Because why the hell not? (Also, kind of surprised I got the spelling of Deinonychus right on the first go.) Seemingly part of a superhero dinosaur series. Prints are available, if you’re in for that sort of thing. (via spaceghetto & random Chinese blog — thank you Google Reader recommended items generator)
  • Corrections…

    The story, by reporter Daniel Burdon, said ‘more than 30,000 pigs were floating down the Dawson River’.What Baralaba piggery owner Sid Everingham actually said was ’30 sows and pigs’, not ‘30,000 pigs’. (via Language Log; follow though for more on the story and correction.)

  • Inspirational Font Video. I don’t know if you can actually call it inspirational, exactly, but it’s active and cheery, and certainly not discouraging, so give it a go. (via Daring Fireball)