From Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California to Ningxia Province in China

An excerpt from Tony Blair’s September 14th speech on the problem of global warming:

But tonight I want to concentrate on what I believe to be the world’s greatest environmental challenge: climate change.

Our effect on the environment, and in particular on climate change, is large and growing.

The problem and let me state it frankly at the outset—is that the challenge is complicated politically by two factors. First, its likely effect will not be felt to its full extent until after the time for the political decisions that need to be taken, has passed. In other words, there is a mismatch in timing between the environmental and electoral impact. Secondly, no one nation alone can resolve it. It has no definable boundaries. Short of international action commonly agreed and commonly followed through, it is hard even for a large country to make a difference on its own.

(Tony Blair’s September 14 speech, “International action needed on global warming”)

Note: and yes, assuming he stuck with the prepared speech, he did in fact say “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s California.”