Fun With Paper

Yes, it’s not so surprising that Yamaha has fold-your-own paper models of, e.g., the SR400 (a motorcycle); more surprising is that they also have “paper crafts” of rare animals of the world (the Steller’s sea eagle, for instance) and of Japan (like the Hondo stoat).

Another place to go for paper crafts is The Flying Pig, I kid you not. There are some things you can buy, but also some you can download free, like the agreeable sheep. You need to cough up an e-mail address…

But seriously: an agreeable sheep. Don’t you think it’s worth the hassle?

That’s what I thought.

(FYI, the “agreeable sheep” is a kind of nodding sheep on a pedestal, with a clever lever to solicit cheerful, agreeable nods.)

Of course we can’t really talk about fun with paper without at least brushing on the topic of paper airplanes. And if you’re going to make a paper airplane, you might as well settle for the best paper airplane in the world.