Fun with the NSA

nsa crypto memorialOkay so you knew the NSA was that nifty übersecret government agency responsible for code-breakin’ and the like, but did you know that they have all sorts of useful (well, curious) public information and whatnot on their site? Like a photo gallery, for instance, in case you were wondering what an RU-8D aircraft looked like, or if you were itchin for a glimpse of the hallowed NSA sign.

And, as they say: But wait, there’s more!

There’s a section of declassified “historical” documents, stuff ranging from a National Enquirer story (though it’s unclear how exactly a National Enquirer article was “classified”) to a mysterious 1 page overview of a 5 volume, 500 page French government study of UFOs.

The NSA also has a handy page where you can submit a Freedom of Information Act request online, without any of the hassle of paper and whatnot.

Now, wasn’t that fun?