The nifty little link-log to the right will be (has been) retired. In its place you will find a similar list, the difference being that this new list is generated by something called Furl.

I’ll keep this short and sweet because, let’s face it, you don’t come here to stay up-to-date with the goings on of technology. There are probably like newspapers, or magazines, or whatsits—websites?—for that sort of thing.

But I think Furl is great. It lets you (yes, you!) archive any page on the web. Once archived, these pages can be instantly recalled by searching your own personal archive; you can at a later date recall the content of pages you’ve saved, a feature that’s absolutely fantastic for, e.g., newspaper articles and other such things that become inaccessible after a period of time.

Isn’t that incredible? Admittedly, the same thing can be accomplished by hitting “save”, but Furl has the advantage of being centralized, readily searchable, and tremendously user-friendly.

There are also a bunch of other features too. You can probably find out about them yourself.