Hitchhiker’s Guide to…

The old Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Infocom game is now jazzed up with graphics (graphics!) in a li’l flash thingamabob, courtesy of the BBC.

(For the uninitiated, the original Infocom game [and also the new Flash version] was basically a digital choose-your-own-adventure version of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book. I actually remember having the Infocom game. I don’t remember ever making it out of the bedroom alive, which essentially means that I managed to get crushed by the bulldozers–or possibly obliterated by the Vogons–every single time. I never really put that much effort into it, but I also never figured out what you could or could not do. The idea was that you typed complete sentences into the computer, and it understood exactly what you meant; my experience was that the computer could never understand what I was telling it to do. I may have been too young, too stupid, or quite possibly both. You might have better luck.)

(via BoingBoing)