I don’t consider myself a salesman, but

…but there are some things too good to pass up. Too good to pass up mentioning, anyway. At Central Alarm Systems, which sells alarms, etc., I stumbled across this bit of keen copywriting:

LCD Keypad – Custom English Display

Same as above, but this baby reads out in Custom English! What this means is it’s able to be programmed for the wording that you choose to place in it. Instead of it reading “Zone 4”, it can read out “Zone Fault – Sally’s bedroom window”. Is this slick or what?
LCD Keypad – Custom English Display $148.95 Item #3115

Battery – 12 Volt Rechargeable

This wet cell, 12 volt 5.0 AH rechargeable battery will give your system 20+ hours on standby power in case of power failure. And because it’s a wet cell, you can recharge it after a power failure. Expect this baby to last 5 – 10 years! (emphasis added)