Intelligent and astute, you have a persuasive manner and are an excellent promoter.

It’s funny that we can impart meaning on something as aberrantly vague as “you are expert at probing the motivation of others.” But I guess all we want is some hidden insight into the future, and if there’s even a shadow of a possibility that we might decipher something from a book and/or newspaper, we’ll grasp for it like hungry rats at a cube of ham.

(And I guess it is interesting, somehow, though mostly interesting simply because it seems like the sort of thing that shouldn’t be interesting. Anyway.)

On This Beautiful Day In History:

Today in 1933 the infamous German Reichstag fire engulfed the eponymous building, burning it to the ground. (You can also read the Manchester Guardian article [which is mis-dated March].)

On this date in 1961, J-L Godard’s Breathless (“À Bout de Souffle”) gets to premiere in U.S. movie theaters.

Gulf War I ends (1991).

Other Stuff You May (Or May Not) Find Interesting:

Mel’s The Passion etc. etc. is put in a context where it belongs. Which I don’t mean in a bad way, necessarily. All I’m saying is, Groundhog Day really does deserve to be looked at as a spiritual film. (via Christian Science Monitor)

Ever hear of Tuvalu? Hint: it’s a country. Recently, this tiny island nation has been pummeled (or is still being pummeled? I’m not entirely sure) by extra active King Tides. The 3 meter tides aren’t going to completely submerge the islands (which are at most 4.5 m above sea level), but they are going to be an uncomfortable reminder of the almost inevitable disappearance of the islands under a rising ocean, thanks to global warming. Here are two very curious facts. Fact 1: the population of the islands (eight of them) is about 12,000. Fact 2: neither Australia nor New Zealand have yet agreed to offer sanctuary in the event of the islands being completely flooded. (BBC)