Jerry weighs in on Eco-policy blunders!

Apologies for the unnecessary exclamation point. But I had to draw your attention in somehow, and now that you’re here, let me say what I have to say and get it over with.

The editor of the American Chemical Society (of all organizations) rants on idiotic environmental non-policies.

On his list—allegedly “inspired by TV’s David Letterman” (as compared to, say, radio’s David Letterman?), since, as we all know, top 10 lists had previously been undiscovered—are: the failure to properly address invasive species (#8); the abominable and too-extreme use of fertilizers & pesticides in suburban lawns and whatnot (#10); a junk water policy (#6); perverse taxes/subsidies (#5); and crap fuel and energy policy (a no-brainer, this takes up #s 2, 3 and 4), among other things.

(“Top 10 stupid environmental policies,” by Jerald L. Schnoor [July 1, 2004]; via PLANETizen)