Just What I Always Wanted

Glorious. The PVC shower curtain that says what it’s made of, in bold blue lettering:

made of pvc

From the curtain:

“PVC isn’t too well considered. In fact, its poor reputation began after it first appeared in 1931…”

And since I’m talking about shower curtains (albeit for no good reason), I might as well point you in the direction of this beauty, which you can buy for only slightly over 32 Euros:

psycho curtain

(which, though it doesn’t look like it, is in fact a shower curtain.)

(via MoCoLoco: “PVC Shower Curtain” [June 11, 2004]; MoCoLoco, a weblog for “modern contemporary design,” admittedly isn’t like something you’d want to check out on any sort of regular schedule, but from time to time oddly quirky things [like this PVC shower curtain, for instance] crop up to provide seconds of amusement. E.g., the same entry has another shower curtain, but with a hole in it to keep an eye trained on the goings-on of the bathroom while you shower [it’s called the “Panoptical Bath Curtain,” a not-so-clever {and definitely not-so-subtle} in-reference to the Panopticon, get it?])