My fellow Americans Citizens

Simon Schama (yes, that Simon Schama) concocts a speech for John Kerry.

You see, my fellow Americans, when it comes to true security, George W Bush and his administration have a simple message for all of us and that message is “Good luck, pals, you’re on your own.” Short of body armour? Write home. Job security outsourced? Hey, don’t come whining to us. Plenty of reconstruction opportunities in downtown Baghdad! Worried about social security entitlements once that big national debt hits the fan? Well, that’s why we want to privatise a chunk of social security, linking it to the fortunes of the stock market! Excuse me, what’s that you say about “boom and bust”? Don’t be nervous nellies! It’s only your lifetime’s payments we’re talking about.

It’s honestly not the most excellent speech ever–though what speech is?–but it’s interesting, given the source (Schama, that is). Also curious is that it’s printed in The Guardian.

Anyway, possibly worth a skim, if not a read.

(Guardian: “Dear John, try this … “ by Simon Schama [October 8, 2004])