News as arterial spray likely isn’t the most brilliant metaphor I’ve ever devised, but it works

Maybe. Possibly.

It’s well and good to stay informed, but sometimes news is nothing so much as arterial spray: here one minute, gone the next, and what the hell can we do about it anyway? E.g., the blogfolk at Pandagon are thorough and tend to very often bring up salient points, but the problem is kinda the oftenness, i.e., they write too damn much.

But whatever. That’s actually not my point. (Or it is—part of my point, anyway—but it’s not the meat of my point.) My point is that it’s good to read something that has merit in&of itself, that doesn’t hinge on your ability/inability to act on the knowledge presented to you.

So, my point is you should read White on rice or Elephant, two excellent and short posts at the somewhat inexplicably labeled onepotmeal. Why should you read these two posts?

I’ll let you come up with the reasons.