Patterns of Thought re: Global Dimming

“Goodbye Sunshine” is a Guardian article that keeps turning up in the oddest places. It was picked up by Slashdot sometime close to the original publication. MeFi seems to latch on to it from time to time (I can’t find the other time, but I know it’s there), too. And it’s even found itself a home in the ‘external sources’ section of a Wikipedia article on global dimming.

(So what’s the article say? Oh, nothing much—just that the amount of the sun’s (that’s the bright thing in the sky that you’re not supposed to look at) energy reaching earth has declined approximately 3% every 10 years, for a 10% total decrease in solar energy over the past 30 years.)

In fairness, it’s a very good and important article, and you should probably read it. So here I am, linking to it. Oh well. So much for forgoing the bandwagon.

(via Guardian: “Goodbye Sunshine” by David Adam [December 18, 2003] and other linked sources)