DOs and DON’Ts of photography, A to Z

My favorite is Z:

Z Don’t: Zooming in You are not blowing anyone’s mind with your vivid closeup of the intricate textures of that tree bark. Your photo of the S from the stop sign is not poetic. Yes, the ant looks big because you zoomed in, but no, that’s not interesting.

Incredibly bitter, tongue-in-cheek, somewhat malicious at times, and probably not actually helpful to anyone, but a quirky collection of Dos and Don’ts nonetheless.

(As an added bonus, whoever put the feature together had enough smarts that they avoided adding the extra apostrophe. You know, the extra apostrophe that everyone’s always so anxious to add to plural words that they’re not used to seeing plural [e.g., do –> dos being improperly rendered as do’s].)