Photomosaics for Political Debate

If you haven’t yet had the chance to stumble across this image at American Leftist, go see; the one above is vastly smaller and doesn’t do a very good job of provoking critical thought, since, you know, it’s kinda hard to see what all the little pictures are. Once you get to the bigger version and can actually see what the little mosaics are (or more accurately, who they are), you’ll be able to better appreciate this artistic effort.

(Appreciate it, that is, assuming that you either 1) can agree with whatever message you might infer from the artwork or, 2) are able to appreciate the art for its artistic creativity irrespective of its politically weighted content; of course there are going to be some people who don’t fit into either of these categories)

(via American Leftist: “War President” [April 4, 2004])