Pick The Right Caption! Win a Prize!

Which of the following captions goes with this picture? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question: one of them actually does fit the picture, believe it or not.

A) Like many redbone coonhounds, Cal is eager to try out new things;

B) Jesus said that we should help others and that means our parents too, so I have chores to do around the house like mowing the yard and keeping my room clean;

or C) Are you desperate to avoid mowing your own yard? Don’t let this happen to you! Call Hollis Landscaping now!

Answer here.

(Sorry, there’s not really a prize, unless you consider the pursuit of knowledge a prize in and of itself. Besides, how would I know you didn’t just click on the link to the answer without guessing first? I wouldn’t, is the sad truth. So there. Hope you had fun guessing.)

(via memepool)