Quentin Tarantino’s Republic Dogs

A fun play, not actually affiliated with Quentin Tarantino (as you might suspect).

Socrates: Maybe I should frame my theory a bit more emphatically. [Drawing his gun.] Didn’t you ever hear of the face that launched a thousand… boats?

Alcibiades: Uh…

Socrates: WELL?

Alcibiades: Yeah.

Socrates: Well, how’d you like me to launch your face?

Alcibiades: Uh…

Socrates: Ahh, I guess that example cleared up all your objections then. [Points weapon at Aristotle] You don’t have any problems with that, do you?

Aristotle: Hey, man, it’s cool. Cool. Boats are cool by me. I was just on a boat recently.

Read the whole thing here. Mad props to whatever forgotten site I originally got this link from, my apologies.