Red Barn, Red Barn

Delicious (the quote starts slow, but the end’s worth it):

“The intellectual position of Jackson, Venturi, and Lewis vis-a-vis the American landscape illustrates how the discontinuities of our everyday surroundings are mirrored by the discontinuities of the university.

“Thus, a Jacksonian student of landscape can observe a Red Barn hamburger joint, he can remark on its architectural resemblance to certain farm structures of the past, measure its dimensions, figure out the materials that went into building it, record the square footage of its parking lot, count the number of cars that come and go, the length of time that each customer lingers inside, the average sum spent on a meal, the temperature of the iceberg lettuce in its bin in the salad bar—all down to the last infinitesimal detail—and never arrive at the conclusion that the Red Barn is an ignoble piece of shit that degrades the community.” (Emphasis added)

p. 123-124, The Geography of Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler