Rundown, Briefly

  • TV-B-Gone. Can anything this delightful be legal? (via Cool Tools)
  • Too Real. Schizophrenics are apparently not fooled by optical illusions that trick non-schizophrenics. Curious.
  • Oh, that makes it better. “We didn’t actually hover an Osprey over a mosque.” A while ago, Bell & Boeing put out an ad for a type of aircraft (an Osprey) which involved said aircraft hovering over a mosque, troops rappeling, etc., with the tagline, “It descends from the heavens. Ironically, it unleashes hell.” Then everyone from both companies agreed, “oops.” (via The Seattle Times)
  • Castles of the US. A surprisingly long list, though apparently the page’s maintainer no longer has time to update it. You wouldn’t imagine the castle landscape is too dynamic, however, so it’s probably fine. (via MeFi)