Sailor mongers, the lot of ’em!

It’s not too many times you can skim through the news and see the phrase ‘sailor mongering’ tossed around like a beach ball.

In a positive sign for society as a whole, the ‘sailor mongering’ case was thrown out by a Miami judge.

Though I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad thing that maybe a little broader cross-section of the public now has the phrase “sailor mongering” in its vocabulary.

As an aside, this explication of ‘sailor mongering’ is golden:

I think I get it. A whore monger deals in whores, fishmonger in fish, ironmonger ironware (& FWIW costermonger ‘costards’= apples) Sailor mongers dealt in befuddled drunken sailors selling them on to others. The sailor mongering legislation criminalised the activity which was the preamble to spriting matelots off the ship, namely the boarding of the ships coming into harbour by uninvited guests.

(Lots of sources, not gonna list ’em all. Follow the links if you’re curious. Or do the Google news thing.)