So, you’ve just swiped one of the most prized and recognized artworks on the planet. Good work, Mr. Brazen Thief Man!

So, Munch’s the Scream was stolen.

Well, there’s really nothing like high profile art theft to make a good story.

Although two guys dressed in black, toting guns, and making a getaway in an Audi A6 (with $100 million worth in un-sellable art) isn’t even as spectacular as the 1990 Gardner Museum theft, which, despite being the biggest art theft in US history, remains unsolved.

(The story being: So, two Boston “cops” walk into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in the wee hours of the morning, telling the museum security they were responding to a call of a disturbance. Despite being against museum regs, the security detail let in the cops—despite the fact that both of them were sporting fake mutaches. Shiny, thin, black mustaches, at that. In return for the security guards’ hospitality, the friendly art thieves tied them up and stashed them in the basement. Proceeding thus to steal artwork valued at anywhere from $100- to $300-million1.)

Anyway, maybe the Scream and its buddy, Madonna, will resurface. And maybe they won’t.


  1. as long as you exclude the ABC News article that inexplicably puffs the figure up to $500 million