So an SUV’s out of your range… What about a BUV?

Let’s see, you’ve got your SUV, and then you’ve got your BUV

The BUV, or “basic utility vehicle,” is low-tech, inexpensive… and rugged enough to handle run-down roads in developing countries.

Ideally, BUVs should have 95 per cent fewer parts than typical cars, weigh no more than 227 kilograms, and sell for less than $1,300 (U.S.). Fuel efficiency is a priority: They’re intended to run on gas or diesel at about 3.9 litres for every 100 kilometres travelled, using a 0-horsepower engine.*

Note: 227 kg = 500 lbs; 3.9 liters = 1 gal; 100 kilometers = 62 mi

(via Globe and Mail: “Cheap thrills” by Dawn Walton [April 17, 2004])