Super Massive Run-Down

  • Books You Can’t Read, via The Millions. Next installments, foods you can’t eat, cows you can’t milk.
  • How easily can you get There From Here? A quick snap-bang-whiz online calculator to give you a “walkability” index for your neighborhood (or the address of your choosing). Based on respectably sensible things like the proximity of grocery stores, parks, public transit, etc. Via MetaFilter, and possibly also PLANetizen.
  • Brazilian Psychedelic Groups hawks Oil. A commercial, found courtesy of WFMU.
  • Girls Like Pink. Because of Berries. No, really! It’s scientific! Well, it is scientific. Whether or not it stands up as a valid theory is an entirely different issue. Maybe it’s my lack of versing, or maybe a poorly chosen headline, but the whole “may be hardwired” part sets me at a skeptical angle.
  • How to destroy bottles. In a very precise, awesome way. Some day this will come in handy. And then you’ll be sorry you didn’t pay more attention. Via MAKE Blog.
  • Really? “Cramming doesn’t work in the long-term.” Via EurekAlert.
  • Not exactly Ha Ha, but Great. Listen to the latest episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on the BBC. (And by latest, well–it’s not like there are new ones being written. Anyway.) Via Crooked Timber.
  • Un-Bear-Lievable. Out in California, another giant cargo net saves the day. Assuming one saved the day in the past. Via Snopes. Follow the link for a heart-warming story of animal rescue.
  • Still Great, Great Stills. Frame-by-frame comparisons of Simpsons stills vs. the movies they reference. Via BoingBoing.