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You Know You Want More

Reading: read (most of) Kelly Link’s Magic For Beginners online, for free, legitimately!  (And then read an interview with her at Meeting House Mag.)  [via Bookslut] Watching: watch Stalker, online.  It’s a movie by the guy who did the good Solaris.  What’s not to like? [via Warren Ellis] Listening: all about con men.  And by […]


(2007) dir Kenneth Branagh, screenplay by Harold Pinter – w/ Michael Caine and Jude Law.  And a fancy necklace. Synopsis: Andrew’s (Caine’s) wife has left him for Milo (Law).  Though of course the paperwork’s not entirely cleaned up yet.  Like a good fellow, Milo wants to have a sit-down with Andrew, a man-to-man.  A nice […]