Things to Mull

  • Comics and Politics: The New Yorker has (well, one of its writers has) an interesting and long article about Aaron McGruder, the guy who created Boondocks. It’s a long, long article, but it may be worth reading solely for the part where, as a special guest at the Nation’s (the lefty newsweekly) birthday party, McGruder faces off with Eric Alterman. (“He [McGruder] said—bragged, even—that he’d voted for Nader in 2000. …[Eric Alterman] shouted out, “Thanks for Bush!” Exactly what happened next is unclear. Alterman recalls that McGruder responded by grabbing his crotch and saying, “Try these nuts.”) Anyway, it’s a great article, particularly if you happen to like Boondocks. (New Yorker: “The Radical” by Ben McGrath [April 19, 2004] via RandomWalks)
  • Fun new viruses: There’s apparently a nifty new strain of salmonella that’s resistant to all kinds of antibiotics. ‘All kinds’ as in ‘all.’ How lovely. (via Spiegel: “Neuer Salmonellen-Stamm ist unbesiegbar” [April 16, 2004])
  • Civilian Deaths? What Civilian Deaths? CNN to Al Jazeera: isn’t it true that Iraqi civilian deaths don’t really matter? No, not an actual quote from CNN, but damn close. Daryn Kagan, on CNN: “Isn’t the story, though, bigger than just the simple numbers, with all due respect to the Iraqi civilians who have lost their lives– … [isn’t the story] that the insurgents… are mixing in among the civilians, making it actually possibly that even more civilians would be killed, that the story is what the Iraqi insurgents are doing, in addition to what is the response from the U.S. military?” (via FAIR: “ACTION ALERT:
    CNN to Al Jazeera: Why Report Civilian Deaths?”
    [April 15, 2004]
  • News to me: Apparently, Donald Trump considers himself more of a Democrat than a Republican. Which I’m sure surprises (and possibly secretly pleases?) people on all sides of the table.
  • Death wishes: And, last but not least, now you too can Choose your own dramatic death! Yes, it’s yet another worthless internet “personality” quiz. Why am I even mentioning it? I’ll be honest with you: to fill space. I’m apparently going to be attacked by a ridiculously small animal and bleed to death. (Yes, that is an actual outcome on the quiz. And yes, it was my actual quiz result. Don’t you feel privileged knowing that?)