Ted Turner is an odd duck. Though I don’t really have anything against odd ducks. Witness:

Moderator: Who would you want to become the president of the US?
Turner: I’m for whoever speaks to our survival not our demise.
Moderator: So Who?
Turner: Who do you think?

Turner: The invasion of Iraq was the biggest debacle in the history of the world… except maybe the AOL Time-Warner merger. The AOL Time-Warner merger was bullshit.
Moderator: You were quoted as saying that signing was as good as having sex for the first time.
Turner: I was just being a team player. It wasn’t really. It was the stupidest move I’ve ever seen. Almost as stupid as the war on Iraq…

Turner: My vision comes from thinking. I don’t watch TV.

(via Joi Ito’s Socialtext Workspace via BoingBoing)