Wtd #354

Word of the day: quaff. There’s really nothing for me to say, other than that quaff is a seriously underused word. More to the point, I guess, quaff is far more interesting than its brothers and sisters. Drink. Swallow. Sorry if these words are putting you to sleep, but I had to bring them into the discussion. Even guzzle doesn’t have the vigor or charisma of quaff.

Case in point, the following example.

sentence 1 (using drink):
I just drank a glass of water.
sentence 2 (using quaff):
I just quaffed a glass of water.

Quaffed is far more exciting. Not quite dangerous, but exciting nonetheless. Quaff opens doorways of which drink cannot even dream. Quaff drives an Aston Martin Vantage Lemans, goes skydiving, and eats french fries with reckless abandon. Drink walks timidly down the street, looks both ways before crossing, and has a desk job.