Zap! Pow! Oops!

mmm... taser!In what’s the only reasonable course of action, the company that produces the taser (Taser International) has decided to make a civilian-issue model.

Which, when you really think about it, is only reasonable. But only if you put too much effort into the thought and neglect common sense. Despite the lingering questions (and lawsuits), Taser officials (scientists? henchmen?) decided it would be a Good Idea to give the X26c more juice. Specifically, the “civilian” version gives the unfortunate target bursts of electricity for 30 seconds, vs. the 5 second bursts of the police-issue model.

Better yet, the new taser doesn’t count as a weapon and can be carried—and concealed—without a permit in 43 states!

Like they say: kill ’em all, and let the market sort them out.

Note: the taser pictured is not the X26.

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