Black Sheep

(2007) dir Jonathan King – w/ lots of actors you’ve probably never heard of — fresh faces — and, of course, the sheep.  Really, it’s all about the sheep.

Synopsis: A man, and his irrational fear of sheep.  Animal rights activists, and their disgust of genetically modified sheep.  A man, and his boundless greed.  Then, genetically modified sheep gone bloodthirsty crazy… and all of a sudden, the first man doesn’t seem so irrational, eh?

Review: I’ll happily go on record as saying that there are better zombie movies out there, and better monster movies, and possibly even better sheep movies (though I’m not sure what); but no way are there better zombie sheep monster movies out there. (Note to any budding directors out there: currently, Black Sheep is the only movie on imdb with the keyword “weresheep”.  We can only hope that this will eventually be remedied.)  “Black Sheep” is really a special kind of treat.

If you think that a movie about were-sheep (or even killer sheep, or mad scientists, is something you might be interested in, I can’t recommend this movie enough.  “Black Sheep” is by no means consistent throughout–there are some misses, here and there, where the tone isn’t quite right.  But when the movie gets it right, the effect is absolutely brilliant.  I’m not even using hyperbole when I say the very best parts of “Black Sheep” could easily go head-on-head with Citizen Kane in a death cage match.  No; that’s something else entirely.  On topic, though: I’ve never, ever, ever contemplated the possibility that mint might be outrageously funny.  Rest assured, it can be.  Or any number of other things this movie improvises, invents, appropriates and re-creates.  It’s bloody, campy, ingenious, and completely worth every minute.

If you have an unnatural fear of sheep, I don’t know what to say.  Maybe this movie will help you confront your demons.  I doubt it.

Rating: [••••] out of [•••••]